How to Install Skype to BlackBerry 9000, 9700 Onyx, 9800 Torch,8520 Curve


Simple Step How to Install Skype to BlackBerry Bold 9000, 9700 Onyx, 9800 Torch, 8520 Curve

BlackBerry is awesome and it would be great to log into your Skype account and hold a teleconference with many of your business partner. Downloading Skype is not difficult you would only do several easy steps as follow.

  1. Connect your BlackBerry through Wi-Fi.
  2. Visit the iSkoot website and click “Download now.”
  3. You have to register
  4. after the registration, you have to put in your phone model, and other relevance information
  5. when the site gives you choices if you want to download iSkoot to your computer or to your phone, you are free to pick one of them.
  6. Log into Skype account and put in your mobile number. But, you will be charged air time and data charges whenever you make Skype calls or use it as instant messaging. If the Skype is used to call non-Skype phones, you need SkypeOut minutes.
  7. download WebMessanger from the WebMessenger site, but you would be asked to register first.
  8. After all, download the WebMessanger Mobile for Skype desktop plug-in on the same unit you use for Skype.
  9. it’s the time to download Skype to your BlackBerry by first visiting the Skype website and clicking “Go Mobile.”

Note : The data time is not free and it needs SkypeOut credit when you make a call to non-Skype phones.

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OK every body here is good news I am using imo messanger on my blackberry 9800 and skype is working perfect
answered Dec 16, 2011
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