How to Sync Hotmail with iPhone 4

How can I sync the hotmail to my iPhone 4 where it acts the same if ‘I’m on my iPhone or my laptop. If I read or delete emails on my laptop(and vise verse), I want them to show read and /or deleted on my iPhone also. Is this possible to do this?
asked Jul 14, 2011 in iPhone

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1 Answer

On your iPhone, go to Settings->

Mail, Contacts, Calendars->Add Account->Microsoft Exchange

Fill the 4 required fields as follows:
Email: your Hotmail address,
Domain: [ Leave this blank ]
Username: your Hotmail address again
Password: your password for this Hotmail account
Tap "Next"
A new field called "Server" appears. Fill it as follows:
Tap "Next"

Select the Hotmail services you wish to sync ( Mail, Calendar, Contacts )
Tap "Save"

 Possible issues

In case of any iPhone Contacts synchronization problems, on your iPhone go to Settings->Safari->Clear Cookies and restart the Contacts application ( if your iPhone supports multi-tasking, make sure you have actually closed the Contacts app )


answered Jul 14, 2011
Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful info. it really helped me :)