How to download Viber on blackberry 9900

I'm using Viber on my iPhone and very happy with it :) My husband bought Blackberry 9900 few days back, we want to install Viber on my hubby's BlackBerry 9900 as well but I donn't know how to install it .. Any ideas !!!
asked Dec 13, 2011 in Blackberry
reshown Feb 14, 2015

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1 Answer

According to the Viber social media manager after quite a long wait they have finally started focusing on the development of Viber on Blackberry. Viber Android which is already available in beta version for the Android phones users enables them to make free calls.

Viber BlackBerry is waiting to be launched, although the exact date is yet unknown. Actually, the big rush about Viber 2.0 for iPhone and Viber for Android beta program made it seem that Viber for Blackberry will never come to focus. However, now it has status “in works” for a while. The Viber Blackberry version is still in development. There are no estimations about when it will come to beta stage, but since the android version is already out, it seems the BlackBerry is coming to the first plan.

Viber is an application for iPhone® and Android™ phones with the help of which you can make free phone calls and send text messages to anyone who also has the application installed, anywhere in the world for free. Viber integrates seamlessly with your existing address book, has great sound quality and once activated, does not require a PIN, username or any additional “in application” purchase. Moreover, all its features are 100% FREE! As the Viber for Android Beta with closed group of testers is at its final stage, the Viber for Android Beta will soon become free for download without any subscriptions and waiting for mail invitations. Download viber for blackberry for free.

According to the Viber Development Team, the delay in the Viber BlackBerry is due to its complex technologies. While Viber app works through VoIP, BlackBerry does not support VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. However, they are working on it. The viber program is a WIFI or perhaps a 3G connection not to mention the apps should be used. When blackberry version is made available, customers obviously have more advantages to make free calls.

answered Dec 13, 2011
reshown Feb 14, 2015