How to Fix Short Battry life of Blackberry 9300 Curve

I have BlackBerry 9300 curve (15 days old) and the battery life is extremely bad. The only apps running are whatsapp, facebook and bbm. - even if I don't touch my phone the standby time is bearly 2 days (manufacture specs claim 19 days standby time). Do any of you also experience this problem? Surely this can't be right. I have implemented every battery saving technique without any measurable change.
asked Jan 23, 2012 in Blackberry

reshown Feb 14, 2015
I have the same problem :( I backed up all my data, did a security wipe of everything except the media card and restored. I then deleted all the games in case something was running. I have no apps downloaded. My battery lasts 8 hours if I am lucky. The battery is brand new, although the old battery tested as "excellent". I am more than frustrated. Anyone out there to help me?

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3 Answers

I too was facing a similar issue and finally did find the cause and fix. I found out that the problem is caused by a corrupt or net_rim_bb_phone.api. in order to find out if this is the issue go to your CPU monitor and see if the Phone keeps clocking the CPU to 100% every few seconds. You can also see the number of hours this has been happening in the day. If  this is too much then my solution might help.

For some reason if you try to reload the OS from the same computer again doesn’t seem to fix the issue. Also, if you try to load a later version of the same OS from the same OS doesn't work.

1. Remove the installed OS from your computer
2. Remove Desktop manager from your computer. (i suppose desktop manager has some sort of cache that creates the issue)
3. Clean up your registry
4. install desktop manager
5. install the OS 6.0 whatever version that your carrier has authorized. Though carrier authorization should not be an issue if you delete the vendor.xml file
6. Connect your phone and reinstall the OS. you can use backup and upgrade.

Your phone should be working fine and the battery last as it used to be in OS 5.0

answered Jan 23, 2012
reshown Feb 14, 2015

I had exactly the same problem as you. My 9300 Curve battery life was fine, and then I installed whatsapp - suddenly my battery was not even lasting a day. I took a guess and uninstalled it and that fixed the problem! Who knew. Hope this helps.

answered Jan 23, 2012
reshown Feb 14, 2015

MY guess is that the RIM spec offering high battery life is when we switch off  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when we are not using it.   Also to have the phone go into night mode and during the day keep the backlight level low and set screen to switch off after 30seconds

answered Jan 23, 2012
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