How can i stop my BB9900 bold from sticking, ive removed all pics and videos?

This only stated happening recently and its REALLY frustrating...i can be in the middle of a chat and the lil clock will start turning sometimes up to 2 minutes...please if there is an app let me know, or should i take it in?
asked Feb 16, 2012 in Blackberry

I've experienced this too. So has my friend. I'm with Rogers and my friend is with PCCW (Hong Kong).
It happens whenever there is data being sent/received and when I move very quickly between apps that send/receive data. Particularly noticeable on BBM. It just freezes...and doesn't respond for 5-10 seconds
 I have tried reinstalling BBM, wiping the BB, and even reloading the OS (261). My friend has done the same. Nothing has worked.
I have a Mexico 4 device and my friend has a Canada device. All these leads me to believe that the issue is with the OS and not with the device...

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