How To Solve WiFi Connection Problem on Samsung Galaxy S2 ?

When I´m  talking through Skype after 5-7 min it turn Off  itself and I have to wait till it turns back  on , so it isn't possible to talk through WiFi connections.

My Router works fine I use always my Notebook and never had any problem with WiFi.

Please help me if someone knows how to solve this problem!!!!

Thanks anyway!!!
asked May 4, 2012 in Samsung
reshown Feb 14, 2015

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2 Answers

I had the same problem this is what I did to fix it:


Go into Settings  > Wireless & Network  > WiFi >  Advanced >  Check Keep Wifi On During Sleep

I hope this will help you as well :)

answered May 4, 2012
reshown Feb 14, 2015

I have my own Galaxy S3. It was working nice. But after sometime it used to create some problem in wifi connection, Was not working. I had checked my router setting  also but the problem was in handset. But now I am glad to say that i got a solution which worked great for me for my Galaxy S3 and I thought  that I should also contribute from my side to help people Who having the same problem I had. Hope The given procedure will work.


answered Sep 20, 2012

edited Sep 27, 2012