How To Fix iPhone 5 Camera’s Purple Flare ?



Hi guys I got my iPhone 5 few days back , am having problem with its camera. It´s not happening with every pic I take but most of my pics have purple flare , is it happening only to me or someone else is having the same problem ? is there any  any fix for this problem ?

asked Oct 11, 2012 in iPhone

reshown Feb 14, 2015

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1 Answer


Apple's resolution, "Most small cameras, including those in every generation of iPhone, may exhibit some form of flare at the edge of the frame when capturing an image with out-of-scene light sources. This can happen when a light source is positioned at an angle (usually just outside the field of view) so that it causes a reflection off the surfaces inside the camera module and onto the camera sensor. Moving the camera slightly to change the position at which the bright light is entering the lens, or shielding the lens with your hand, should minimize or eliminate the effect."

Here are some steps you need to take out the purple flare

1. Aim your iPhone 5 camera at a bright light source,

2. Move the camera so that the light source is just off-screen,

3. See if the purple flare happens.


answered Oct 11, 2012
reshown Feb 14, 2015