How to fix iPhone if it won’t call out, Receive calls or Send and Receive SMS

I need help with my iPhone 4. It was working fine till Last week. Now my iPhone               

– Can't receive SMS or send SMS.

– Can only receive and send SMS via iMessage.

– Can't receive calls or send calls BUT when I try to call it ends the call and a message appears "call ending". I'm not sure if this is a network problem or a phone problem. I've tried turning it off and on, resetting my network connection, etc. but the problem persists.
asked Mar 16, 2013 in iPhone
contact service provider.

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4 Answers

I suggest calling your phone company and checking with them about your phone plan. It may be that your phone plan either expired or the phone is broken and you need a replacement.
answered Mar 16, 2013
I am using IPhone 4S from last few months now.  I got the same problem, I even I updated my firmware.

 I can't end my call and it keeps on hanging at "call ending" status and can't go through into "call ended" status. When the above issue happened, I tried to use other mobile phone to call and sms my IPhone and It is ringing but my IPhone does not detect any incoming call , also not receive sms even the sms is successfully delivered. But I don't notice any "no service" with my iPhone signal. My phone’s reception is ok. I was advised by the Apple Technician to try "reset all setting" or do the firmware restoration to determine whether is software issue or not. If still happen, then try to replace a new sim card. If still happen again, then for sure it is the hardware issue and you should claim for hardware warranty to replace a new IPhone 4.
answered Mar 16, 2013


Try resetting your network settings!

 Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

 This will not remove any content from your phone it will just disconnect you and reconnect you to both your 3g network and if you are connected to wifi you will have to enter in your password to reconnect after powering the device back on. 

answered Mar 16, 2013

Here is a link on Apple's own website to sortout this problem 


Link from Apple

answered Mar 22, 2013