How to install Tomtom map on Sony Xperia

I have tried to download and install Tomtom on my Sony Xperia from Aptoid few times. When i try to use the Tomtom maps , there are no maps avaliable to use, please help me to install Tomtom on my Sony Xperia .
asked May 19, 2013 in Sony Ericsson


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1 Answer


Follow these simple steps to install Tom-Tom maps on Sony Xperia

1. Install APK file on your computer

2. Attach your Sony Xperia with your computer

3. Close all applications and create Tom-Tom folder on your SD card

4. Unpack the maps which you have already downloaded and paste the maps in the Tom-Tom folder which you already have created on your SD card.

 Now you are good to go your Tom-Tom maps are ready to use.

answered May 19, 2013