How to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S4 in free

I have  purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 with AT&T GSM provider on a contract. My phone is locked.  I cannot use any other sim card but the AT& T. is there any way to unlock my phone in free and use any sim I wish to use.
asked Sep 5, 2013 in Samsung

I didn't find free unlocking solution for your phone model,So you have to go for paid unlocking service.For cheapest unlocking visit  Here you can unlock your phone at low cost.

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1 Answer

Before you start, make sure your device is backed up. Messing around with SIM carrier stuff can be risky, so you never know. It might explode. Not our fault.

 1: Dial the Secret Number

Launch the phone dialer and enter *#27663368378#, but DO NOT press call. The phone will automatically take you to the ServiceMode menu.

 2: If That Code Fails

In case *#27663368378# doesn't do anything on your model, try entering *#0011# instead.

This will take you to the basic information section of ServiceMode.

From there, press the Menu button on your device and then the Back key in the menu—not your phone's menu key. Tap on the Menu button again, but this time press Key Input.

Enter 1 and press OK.

3: Select Debug Screen

You should now be at UMTS MAIN MENU in ServiceMode. Select [1] DEBUG SCREEN.

4: Select Phone Control

At the DEBUG SCREEN, you'll see six options. Select [6] PHONE CONTROL.

 5: Select Network Lock

From the Phone Control screen, select [6] NETWORK LOCK.

 6: Select Perso Off

On the next page, you should see three options. Select [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF.

 7: Go Back to Main Menu

Now, head back to the Main Menu by tapping on the Menu button and then the Back key (from the menu).

8: Select Common

On the UMTS MAIN MENU, select [6] COMMON.

 9: Select NV Rebuild

Now, tap on [6] NV REBUILD.

10: Restore Back Up & Reboot

Finally, the phone will notify you that a Golden-Backup exists. Select [4] Restore Back-up.

Your Galaxy S4 will now reboot automatically, which might take a few minutes. Once it's back on, the network will be unlocked, allowing you to use any SIM card that will work in your model phone.

answered Sep 5, 2013
It workred ,now my Samsung Galaxy S4 is sim free, I can use any sim i want. thank you very much it was very easy the way explained .
am glad it worked for you Marshall ..
Thank you very much or adding this free way to make a Samsung Galaxy S4 Sim free.