How to Fix if Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera and Gallery app Not Working

I've been having issues with both stock Gallery and Camera apps on my beloved S4. I can’t stay in the gallery app for more than 30 seconds without it freezing. Then I have to hit the home button and kill the app in the task manager. My camera app sometimes will not take a picture when I hit the camera icon to take the pic. To fix this problem very time I have to restart my phone. This doesn't happen as often, but I'd hate to have it happen when I'd really like to snap a great pic but can't because the app is acting stupid and not letting me take the picture.

Please help if anyone else experiencing this same problem or know of any fixes?
asked Mar 29, 2014 in Samsung


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4 Answers

Samsung Galaxy S4 Pic

Try going to Settings  > More  >  Application manager  >  All and then go into the Camera or Gallery app and try Clear cache and Clear data. If it’s still running you may also want to Force stop it.

You can also try wiping the cache partition

1. Turn the S4 off

2. Press and hold Volume up, Home, and Power together.

3. When the phone vibrates, let go of Power.

4.  When the Android Recovery screen appears let go of Volume up and Home.

5.   Use Volume down to highlight wipe cache partition and then tap the Power key to select it. It should automatically restart after wiping it.

answered Mar 29, 2014

micro sd card

If you are currently saving your photos to a MicroSD card, issue could be related to MicroSD card, try removing it and saving them on the device or using Google Plus or Dropbox to automatically back them up online.

answered Mar 29, 2014

Here is another solution;

There are many third-party camera app, which S4 owners have installed and using successfully. If installed camera app doesn’t load at all, or loads and then immediately fails. Restart your Samsung S4. Make sure that the battery is fully charged. Check if it works in safe mode by turning your S4 off and then hold down the Power key until you see the S4 logo, let go of it and hold down the Volume down key until it boots (it will say Safe mode in the bottom left corner).

answered Mar 30, 2014

Hardware issue;

If you have tried all these tips and you still have the same problems. There’s possibility that the camera problem is a hardware issue, either with the camera module or perhaps just a loose connection. If you are under warranty then take it to a service center.

answered Mar 30, 2014