How to fix Stopped Gallery app on Samsung Galaxy S4 ?


I rooted my Samsung Galaxy S4 few days back. Everything is working fine except the Gallery app. Every time I try to share something from gallery, Gallery app stops working.  Can someone in this forum help me please!! Thank you in advance. 

asked Apr 6, 2014 in Samsung


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Gallery App for Android

This problem is caused by inactive Paper artist app. Gallery app and Paper artist app is linked. If Paper artist app is off then the Gallery app will force close or crashes when you hit the share menu. To fix this problem you need to turn back on the Paper artist app. Following these steps below to fix the problem:

Go to >>>>

1. Settings

2. Tap More.

3. Tap Application manager.

4. Swipe the screen to the left to find the Turned off screen.

5. Scroll down to find Paper artist app, then tap it.

6. Tap Turn on button to turn this app on.

7. Restart the phone.

answered Apr 6, 2014
My problem is solved.Now gallery app is working like it used to. Fatina thank you very much for your help.