How to Solve ‘Memory Full’ issue on Samsung Galaxy S4


Samsung Galaxy S4 memory full issue

Recently I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4, from last few days I’m getting a memory full message. I have deleted everything I can but am still getting same message. I need help please.

asked Mar 12, 2015 in Samsung

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1 Answer

First of all we need to find the possible reason for memory full issue. There could be many reason most common are:

Samsung Galaxy S4 memory full issue

  • Temporary device issue
  •  Third-party application problem
  • Memory card is full or almost full
  •  Too many apps running or open in the background
  •  Insufficient RAM to process request
  • Memory card communication error
  • Available internal memory is not enough to complete requested action


Best solution so far which has worked in majority of the cases is Hot Reboot:

Remove the battery from the device for 20 seconds while it is still ON. Wait for a moment then replace the battery and turn the device ON. This should fix your problem. Please do let us know what the outcome was. Good Luck.

answered Mar 12, 2015