Contacts on my iPhone 6S plus are unable to receive images and text

I have a serious problem with my iPhone 6S plus, when I send iMassages  or text messages through iMassge to my contacts some time some of my contacts do not receive iMessages and texts even though they can still receive texts from other contacts. Is there any solution my problem¬≠?
asked Jul 24, 2016 in iPhone
Thank you very much guys for your help , my iPhone is working now .

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3 Answers

I had the same problem this is what I tried and it worked or me

Turn iMessage off and back on, or turn iMessage off to see if texts can be sent and received.

answered Jul 24, 2016
Thank you fatina.
You can reset your phone it will help to fix your problem.  Hold the power  and Home buttons at the same time to reset your device.  If problem is still there, take your iPhone to an Apple Store to get it checked out. Good luck.
answered Jul 24, 2016

You can also try this >

Make sure the contact is not on your block list. To do so, go to Settings > Phone > Blocked, and confirm that the user is not on any block list.

Also delete your current conversation with your contact and start a new one.

answered Jul 24, 2016
David many thanks.