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answered Apr 9, 2012 in Nokia Lumia Series
In may my old phone contract will expire that means I can go for a phone upgrade and am considering the Nokia Lumia 710. Can I use the WiFi on this phone without the data plan? I DO NOT want to start paying for a data plan. I saw in the manual where you turn the WiFi on and off, but will the phone want to force me to use ... , but if I walk to the wrong part of the room and lose my signal I don't want to be paying for per usage on the phone's 4G. Any information on this?
answered Sep 10, 2011 in Blackberry
The BlackBerry client has been problematic for me for some time now. Every time I upload a note, photo or text . I get one copy, then next time I send or sync I get the same note again..:( That means when I look I've got multiple notes that are identical? Why is this? Can someone help me to fix it please ????
answered Jan 24, 2011 in Nokia
I tried to set up "Google sync" in my Nokia 5800 by the instructions of but, in the step 3, my device wasn't like the picture in the instructions. The form appeared was "email address" "domain" "user name" "password" "access point". I try to ... , it can't get exchange server name and shows a system error. What should I fill in the table or how do I specify the exchange server name like the instructions?
answered Jan 21, 2011 in iPhone
please`also help me to sync my iPhone with Google calender
answered Jan 21, 2011 in Samsung
Can someone help tell me if I can download Skype on my Samsung S5800 ?
answered Jan 18, 2011 in Nokia
I have a strange problem, my nokia 6280 It was working fine for months BUT after I uploaded some themes via PC Suite phone went off. I tried everything: took out sim card, memory card, battery, but no use. When I try to switch phone on, it only blinks for a few seconds and switch itself off. my firmware is 3.60, phone is unbranded. Please give me your advice.